Manicures, Pedicures and Waxing Services in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding Worcester County

If you’re looking for a nail salon in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding Worcester County, Magic Nails can make your nails look fantastic! We are a full-service nail salon that provides a variety of nail services, including pedicures, manicures, and a variety of additional services.

Price List


Regular Full Set $35+
Pink & White Full Set $60
Ombre Full Set $50
Acrylic Color Full Set $45+
Basic White Tip Full Set $40+
Acrylic Toes Full Set $40+


Regular Refill $20+
Ombre Refill $30+
Acrylic Color Refill $30+
Pink & White Refill $30+
Regular Polish Change $15
Gel Polish Change $23+


Dip $35+
Dip With Extensions $40+
Dip White Tip $50+
Dip Ombre $50+
Dip Removal $10


Basic Manicure $15
Gel Manicure $25
Gel Removel $10
Gel Polish Change $20
Regular Polish Change $10


Regular Pedicure $30
Sweet Princess Pedicure $30
Sports Pedicure $40
Hawaiian Pedicure $45
Green Tea Pedicure $50
Fresh Cucumber Pedicure $50
Lavender Pedicure $55
Luxury Pearl Pedicure $55
Gel Polish Change $25
Regular Polish Change $15


Eyebrows $20
Armpit $40
Brazilian $60
Full Legs $60

Additional Services

Regular Nail Cut Down $10
Toe Nail Cut $15
Nail Removal $10
(2) Nail Designs $7+
(10) Nail Designs $15+
Nail Repair $5+
Long Length Acrylics $5+
Regular French Tip $5
C-Tip or V-Tip French Tip $15
Change Shape $5
Coffin, Almond, Stilleto & Tapered Square $5
Extra Massage
20 MIN $30
30 MIN $45
45 MIN $60
60 MIN $80


Hawaiian Pedicure (40 Minutes)

Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath of soap. While your feet are buffed with fruit flavor sea salt glow, your feet are cared with a warm herbal wrap to soften and plump your skin. Light exfoliation with sloughing scrub of softening shea butter. Just say ahhhhhh!


Green Tea Detox Pedicure (45 Minutes)

DETOX TIME! Fully detoxify & hydrate your feet with green tea extract. Green tea is used to reduce dryness to the skin. It also prevents premature aging.


Cucumber Fresh Pedicure (45 Minutes)

NEED SOME GLOW? Freshen your feet for a vibrant & healthy glow with cucumber extract. Cucumber helps mask all the problem areas, it also helps to soothe & soften your skin.


Lavender & Lace Pedicure (50 Minutes)

NEED SOME ROMANCE? Fall in love with the aroma. This blooming lavender fragrance will calm and soothe senses, as it softens your skin. You will love your ads new silky soft and radiant glow.


Luxury Pearl Pedicure (50 Minutes)

Reduce anxiety and emotional stress with a gragrance that you’ll love. Fragrant and rich perfume with moisture. Enjoy a burst of this relaxing and sweet aroma.


Get the Perfect Mani & Pedi in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding Worcester County

Here at Magic Nails, we aim to help you feel beautiful and confident from head to toe. That is why we extend our professional manicure and pedicure services to customers like you. Whether you’re looking to just relax and unwind or getting ready for a big occasion, our team of expert nail techs will ensure that you walk out of our establishment feeling your best.

All of our professional manicure and pedicure services will begin with a nice soak, followed by a scrub to eliminate dead skin cells. We will then shape and trim your nails before applying the color of your choice. Once we complete that, we will finish your manicure or pedicure with a nice hand or foot massage.

Manicures in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding Worcester County

Having a nice manicure can really change the way you feel about yourself, no matter the occasion.

We offer:

  • No-Chip Manicure
  • Gel Manicure
  • No Chip Removal
  • Basic Manicure
  • And more!

Our gel polish is used to create a durable and stronger nails. Gel polish helps to harden the nail and make your manicure last longer. We also offer acrylic nails and dip nails!

Pedicure Services in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding Worcester County

Our pedicure services here at Magic Nails are luxurious and will leave your feet feeling refreshed. Whether you’re looking to just unwind following a busy work week, or preparing for a big day, our pedicure services are the best way to achieve toes that look great! We also offer the option to customize your pedicure for a more fulfilling experience.

Why Get a Mani & Pedi?

Did you know there are other benefits of getting a mani and pedi besides just making your feet and hands look good? There are also health benefits that come with getting a manicure and pedicure. Regular manicures can prevent your nails from breaking, becoming brittle, or being too thick. Staying on top of frequent manicures can eliminate dead skin cells, thus reducing your risk of infection.

Furthermore, pedicures can improve circulation in your legs and feet. If you suffer from cracked or dry feet, pedicures can provide you with the right amount of moisture your feet so desperately need. So, the next time you head in for a mani or pedi, don’t forget about all of the wonderful things they can do to your body besides just making you look good! If you’re in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding Worcester County, give Magic Nails a call today to schedule your appointment.

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